Why It’s Good to Be Productive


You have no doubt heard the phrase “busy as a bee.” In fact, it may have haunted you since your childhood. It is sometimes presented as a positive thing, but just as often, a sign that someone is not maintaining a good work/life balance.

It is entirely possible to overdo it on your job, and, alas, many people do, resulting in physical and mental health issues, and downtime at work. However, that is not to say that slacking off is the best thing for your physical and mental health; quite the contrary. It is better to be busy and productive. Here are just a few reasons why:

Learning New Things

Very few of us live lives where we do exactly the same thing every day at home or on the job. Thus, it stands that the busier you are, the more you are exposed to new things, hence the more you will learn on a daily basis.

Brain Building

In addition to that new learning, you will also be stimulating your brain, which is always a good thing. Keeping mentally active not only makes you smarter, various scientific studies have shown that it can help to prevent forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

Vacations are Even Better

Some people worry about the work they will return to after their vacation, but productive people already have everything well in hand. They can spend their time on that Hawaiian beach worrying about nothing more than a possible sunburn.

Your Boss Will Notice

It can be tough to find employees who are not only qualified for their positions, but will also remain engaged. If you are both, and maintain that level of enthusiasm and output, that work will get you noticed and make you more likely to receive a raise and other forms of advancement.