Steps That Can Help You Control Your Anger

Anger is a basic human emotion, but not an especially desirable one. Sometimes it is unavoidable; or so it seems. People who get angry often usually have the capability to reign it in before an outburst occurs. However, due to various circumstances and psychological conditions, this is not always possible.

When anger becomes more than just a way to let off steam (or that process routinely gets out of hand), you should work on controlling it. We don’t claim that you will never lose your temper again after trying these steps, but you will be more likely to retain your composure.

Walk Away

Are there certain situations that inevitably leave you fuming? Try to avoid them and, failing that, get up and walk away. Anger is never a good state in which to make rational decisions. People have incurred great difficulty, and even ruined their lives by acting out while mad. Weigh the possible consequences and you will soon realize that whatever this situation is, it’s probably not worth the trouble. This is not being cowardly; it’s displaying common sense.

Short-Term Solutions

When we are angry, it is tough to think about possible repercussions. It is also difficult to consider the big picture. In such cases, you are better off going to a short-term solution that diffuses the situation and allows everyone to walk away before anything truly serious occurs.


It is usually not possible to just go lie down while you are mad, so learn some relaxation techniques you can do anywhere. Deep breathing is the most basic and easiest to do, but you can also find a quiet space and engage in some meditation.

For longest lasting results, see a therapist. They will not only have additional ideas on what can help you regain your balance, but will also discuss the issues that contribute to your anger. That way you are both dealing with the problem and, hopefully, solving it at the same time.