Tango For Seniors

You ever feel bored of doing the same exercises every day?  Especially as a senior, there are certain moves we do everyday to keep our bodies limber and strong.  But sometimes (often) we get bored of doing the same thing every single day.  That’s why I’ve decided to take up tango dancing lessons.


My daughter told me that tango is great for body awareness, flexibility and even relaxation.  So I brought this to the attention of the other seniors that I’m friends with, and we all decided to take up tango dancing.  So far, everybody has been loving it.  We’ve met a huge number of new people, and it’s surprisingly not too difficult – if you have the right instructor.

As a senior, I’ve really been enjoying going out more often to do these fun activities because normally, I’m just at home doing the regular exercises my caregiver taught me.  Although the exercises are great for my body and health, I’d definitely rather be shaking my tailfeather during a tango class.