Here’s Why You Should Start a Blog?

bloggingEveryone seems to be doing it. There are blogs devoted to just about any subject you can think of…and plenty more beyond that. That being the case, should you join in on the fun? Here are some good reasons why you should consider starting your own blog:

Become a Better Writer

Practice makes perfect and that applies to writing, too. Keeping a regular posting schedule means you will be exercising your writing muscles on a regular basis. Also, as your audience grows, you will put more and more thought into your posts because you know that many people will be reading them.


The internet is a great way to connect with new people and a blog will help you link up with others who share your interests. You will also likely make the acquaintance of other writers and reading their work may prove inspirational. This can lead to some long-term friendship and mentor relationships that may considerably enrich your life.

Increases Your Knowledge Base

If you decide to write about a variety of subjects, you will become more knowledgeable in more areas. Even if you just stick with one area, you will soon become an expert in that field.

Allows You to Be Heard

Not everyone can have a TV series or weekly column in a major newspaper, but that doesn’t mean your opinion is necessarily less valid. Writing a blog means a potential audience of millions and may even lead to other opportunities for you to make your voice heard.

It Can Be Quite Lucrative

If you start a blog and it develops a real following, this can lead to sponsorships or positions doing professional writing.

Also, if you have your own business, doing your own blog can be a great way to increase traffic and get the word out, at no additional cost to you.