Enjoy the Wonders of Fall


Another summer is almost behind us. It seems like the older I get, the faster summer vanishes. This year, those on the west coast of Canada enjoyed a scorcher, while those of us in the east received so much rain, we practically needed an umbrella with us at all times.

As a child, I hated fall. Not so much because of the changes it brought, but because it meant summer had ended and we were back at school. As an adult, I still find myself a bit wistful that another summer has passed. However, I am now also better able to appreciate the joys that autumn brings to us each year.

Thanks to all of that Ontario precipitation, this has been one of the lushest and greenest summers in memory. That means that those fall colours should be even more vivid than usual. If you have never gone on a fall hike and really taken the time to enjoy the forest and those multi-coloured carpets of falling leaves, be sure to do that this year.

There is also something very soothing about the weather this time of year. Gone are those humid days where you feel like you are walking through a wall of water. Also thankfully absent are those long, dry, parched times where it is a chore, not a pleasure, to be outside. I love a good fall breeze. It makes the air seem fresh and allows me to indulge in my favourite outdoor sports without needing eight layers of sunblock.

Fall is often seen as the beginning of the end of the year, and it is. However, for me, at least, it doesn’t have the negative connotations of winter. I view autumn as a time of change and transformation. If this is the beginning of a mourning period for the passing of summer, at least it’s a really lovely one.