Blog Updates: How Often Do You Need New Content?


Blogging really started taking the Internet by storm about a decade ago. It became a phenomenon for both people who wanted to express their creative side and those who saw it as a business opportunity. Some people are such prolific bloggers that they have new posts up several times a week, while others just post occasionally.

Some blog owners might be wondering, “How often should I put up new material?” That can vary depending on what you are doing and your goals.

Google likes active blogs

There are a number of different strategies people employ to get their website to show up high in the Google search rankings. One of the most basic is to provide a site that is useful and informative. In addition to looking at the quality of what you are putting up, Google also considers the quantity. You may have an excellent blog post that you put up once a month, but, high quality or not, it will not get you the same attention as posting five times as much material of slightly lesser value. If you want to rank high in Google, you need to update your blog often.

Businesses need to stay on top of the competition

That goes without saying in most every aspect of business, including the Internet. You not only need to keep an eye on the competition, you also need to come up with creative ways to best them. Concocting original, fun, and informative blog posts is an excellent way to accomplish that.

Do you post about recurring events?

A good way to create a loyal following is to post regularly about recurring events. However, this means that you must adhere to a strict schedule so that new posts arrive precisely when your audience expects them to. In other words, if you choose this approach, you must be disciplined and not let them down.